Combining the latest college sports news from Rivals.com and espn with the social networking power of SiteRhythm by Invixis,  NoRivals.com will be the most comprehensive,  dynamic and potentially explosive collegiate sports community on the planet!

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No Rivals!

College Football Rivalries
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College Football Rivalries!
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Few rivalries in college sports invoke the level of emotion as does college football. Here at NoRivals.com your voice.. the fans voice is heard.. shared.. and viral!
Pick your sides, join the groups, blog, produce and commentate from your profile because here.. your opinion.. you team has No Rivals!
Does that heart bleed Carolina Blue or are you a Devil in disguise? We'll keep you up to date on the latest sports news & more while you, the fans, stoke the flames of rivalry
Whether you passion is football, basketball, baseball, hockey or any of the other fantastic collegiate sports your sure to find friends as well as a healthy dose of Rivalry!